Hazen Elementary is desiring a intercom system.  We would like the following features (if possible) in the new system:
  • Multiple Schedules
  • Building Bells
    • bells ring in K-2 independent of other buildings
    • bells ring in 3-5 independent of other buildings
    • bells ring in 6-8 independent of other buildings
    • all building bell (start of day)
  • If bells can not be set to ring by building, set each building to an independent sound
  • All Calls
    • Have building (Neel [K-2], 3-5, 6-8) and outside all calls
    • Master All Call for all buildings & outside
  • Administration have remote phone ability to access intercom system
  • Multiple Sounds for different events.  Events should sound in all buildings.
    • Tornado
    • Fire
    • Lock-Down
  There are approximately 55 indoor locations in classrooms and hallway locations  Outside locations would include three PA speakers overlooking the playground, one PA speaker on north side of 3-5 building, one PA speaker overlooking Pre-K Playground and courtyard between Federal Building and Neel Building.

  We would like to also add the old gym to the intercom system across the street.  Would prefer this to be by fiber optics if possible, or very heavily surge protected.  The outdoor wire running to/from the Federal Building also needs to be surge protected.

  The Neel Building and Federal Building should be completely rewired.  The Federal Building has a span that will require outdoor wiring.

  The one and only walkthrough will be on May 23 at 9:30AM.  Your presence is recommended, but not required to submit a bid.

  All questions for the intercom must be submitted in writing to the elementary principal (esprincipal@hazen.k12.ar.us) and the answers will be posted on this webpage.

 QUOTE/PROPOSAL  DUE  DATE:       June 15th


-  Do you have any maps available for the vendors to be reviewing before we get to the walkthrough next week?
   The maps were scanned on our copier and saved as a PDF file.  The PDF file is attached at the bottom of the web page.
 ​  The maps are preliminary only, and may be subject to change by the elementary principal on the day of the walk through.

-  Are you currently using a VOIP phone system and if so which one?
   We are currently using a Nortel system that has analog (POTS) incoming lines to the system and has digital lines running from the system to each handset.  
   We are looking to move to VOIP in the future after the network get upgraded from a flat network to a VLAN network.

- What is the name and model of your current system?
   Rauland Telecenter ICS, ICS2BASERM.
   FYI, the features requested are way above and beyond our current system's capabilities.

 -  With regards to the playground area speakers, would you like for one of those to be a talkback unit so that teachers on the playground can try and answer back or would this only be a one way page / bell ring solution? 
    I would like to be able to hear their response, but no call button.


Tracy Caviness,
May 8, 2018, 6:44 AM