We currently have UniFi AP-AC-Pro access points installed in the Hazen School District.

We would like a quote for 10 Ubiquiti Unifi Ap-AC Pro access points (possibly more) that will be compatible with our existing WAPs.  These will be powered by Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 48-Port 750W switches.

  I would like the quote to include:
  • Hardware and any other up front costs
  • Licensing for 5 years or longer (if not free)

  The features of the access points should include:
  • Managed access points that will integrate in to our existing UniFi Network Console.
  • Inexpensive (cheap) or free licensing.
  • Must show splash page / terms of service when first connecting
  • Support Multiple SSIDs
  • Guest SSID (Only internet accessible to guest SSID, rest of network isolated)
  • DUAL RADIO (use both 2.4 and 5ghz at the same time)
  • Each access point be capable of at least 60 users or more (30 or more per radio)
  • Encourage capable devices to move to the 5ghz band
  • Load balancing between access points
  • MIMO
  • Management software/hardware be expandable for more access points to be added later.

  I would like to have the quotes in by Monday March 11, 2019.

  After further review, it appears that most of our access points are board revision 26.


  The cloud license comes free unless you want something that is tied into a bigger management suite.
Would you be ok with taking a quick look at this and let us know what seems more suitable for your school or if you have a part# for the licenses you are looking for that would be even better. 

  I basically copied an old RFP when I was open to brands and other options.  

  Now that we have settled on Ubiquiti, I took some of the clauses out and added that the new access points must be compatible with what we have, UniFi AP-AC-Pro and that the access points must be managed in the Unifi console (actually I want the UniFi AP-AC-Pro WAPs).  I left the licensing line in just in case Ubiquiti had changed their licensing model and now required a separate purchase.  If no separate license is required, please feel free to ignore that line.


Tracy Caviness,
Mar 29, 2019, 7:08 AM
Tracy Caviness,
Mar 29, 2019, 7:08 AM