We would like to get two quotes on media converters.  One quote will be for two media converters with 2 meter fiber patch cable, the other quote will be for four media converters with 2 meter 62.5/125 fiber patch cable.

  The media converters are Black Box Model LMC402A media converters.  The fiber patch cables will need one end with ST terminated ends, the other to fit the media converter and be compatible with "BELKIN OPTICAL CABLE  -  PLUS CORNING 62.5/125 OPTICAL FIBER OFNR E319478 (UL)" cable.

 Media Converter
 Media Converter Connection
 Media Converter Fiber

  -  What is the other end of the cabling connecting to? It’s going to be OM1 ST/ etc.
  On the fiber cable between the buildings, I see the following printed on it:
"TYPE OFNK (UL)   -   OFN-FT4 c(UL)"
The connectors on the box that leads to the fiber between buildings is round, it has to be pushed/stuck in and then turned/twisted.  For this reason I called the connectors ST.
I believe this patch cable to be the "A2F20207-02M" model.  There is a tag at the end of the cable with that number on it.

  -  1 x 2m cable per quote? Or 1 cable per converter?
  Per converter.  I asked for that fiber patch cable just in case the new media converters do not use the same square (I think they are SC) connectors.  Please remember I am a copper guy, and GUESS heavily when it comes to fiber questions​/answers.
One quote should be for two(2) converters and two(2) patch cables, the other for four(4) converters and four(4) patch cables.