We need a quote for eight(8) boxes of CAT6 solid network cable (such as C2G 56017) and three(3) packages of CAT6 Modular Plug for Round Solid/Stranded Cable (such as C2G 00890).  The network cabling will be used to run from switches through walls/ceilings to classrooms.  I would prefer the jacket color to be blue, but other colors are OK.  If there are better cabling options at about the same price point, please feel free to quote them.  I like the colors of C2G wiring, I have seen some where the brown and orange were almost the same color (at least to my eyes) and some where the secondary wires were solid white (no color stripe, it can get confusing when you are look at four white wires). 

  I would like to have the bids in by the February 20th if possible.