Our Elementary Librarian would like to upgrade her computer.  I would like to get her the same computer as our High School Librarian.

  Would you be able to get me a quote for one(1) Lenovo M93P Desktop (ThinkCentre) [Machine Type Model 10A7003SUS] computer with keyboard and mouse?  
I do not care about the OS, I will reformat the hard drive and load Windows 10 EDU from our Microsoft EES agreement.

  I also need a quote for one(1) ThinkVision Pro 2820 [Machine Type Model 60B5RAR6WW] monitor.  We may possible order two monitors.

  In addition to what the High School Librarian has, I also need a video splitter so the Elementary Librarian can run two monitors (one for her and one for students).
We have traditionally used VGA for monitor video, but I am willing to use whatever the computer and monitor will support. 

  I would like to have the bids in by the February 20th if possible.