We would like a quote for 10 Ubiquiti Unifi Ap-AC Pro access points and five power injectors.  

  I would like the quote to include:
  • Hardware and any other up front costs
  • Tech support to set up the management features (certificate creation/set-up, splash page, block bonjour, etc). 
  • Licensing for 5 years or longer (if not free)

  If there is a better option around this price point, please feel free to let me know.

  The features of the access points should include:
  • Managed access points
  • Inexpensive (cheap) or free licensing.
  • Must show splash page / terms of service when first connecting
  • Support Multiple SSIDs
  • Guest SSID (Only internet accessible to guest SSID, rest of network isolated)
  • DUAL RADIO (use both 2.4 and 5ghz)
  • Each access point be capable of at least 60 users or more (30 or more per radio)
  • Encourage device to move to the 5ghz band
  • Load balancing between radios and access points
  • MIMO
  • Management software/hardware be expandable for more access points to be added later.
Other desired features include:
  • access points could self create / implement certificates so keys are not needed
  • block/drop *ALL* bonjour packets / traffic
  • block/drop *ALL* TOR or other packets designed to bypass the web filter on all SSIDs
  • auto change channels / frequency for better performance on both radios

Tracy Caviness,
Nov 29, 2016, 7:14 AM
Tracy Caviness,
Jan 25, 2017, 8:07 AM